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John Curtis

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    Cannabusiness & Cultivation: Entering Missouri’s MMJ Industry see more

    Mitch Meyers (CEO) and John Curtis (Director of Cultivation) of Beleaf will discuss their experience operating one of two current licensed medical cannabis facilities in Missouri as well as businesses in other cannabis-legal states. Beleaf is a charter member of MoCannTrade (Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association) and John is co-chair of MoCannTrade’s Board of Directors. MoCannTrade is an association of business owners, professionals, practitioners and patients proactively working together to build a successful, safe, compliant medical cannabis industry in Missouri. In addition to their business experience, they’ll detail opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in Missouri’s broadly expanded medical cannabis industry whether as license applicant (cultivation, processing, dispensing, testing or transport) or service provider (CPA, Legal, IT, Security, Industry Consulting, Design/Build, Electrical/Lighting).

    Presented Tuesday Nov 20th, 2018
    Danforth Plant Sciences – 39 North | Langenberg Theatre | Venture Cafe

    This was a sold out, standing room only presentation at Danforth. We’ve included the slides and live video of the presentation here for your reference.

    Venture Café Night: 39N
    975 N Warson Rd
    St. Louis, MO 63132

     November 23, 2018