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Manufacturing/Testing Lab Committee

Manufacturing/Testing Lab Committee




Our association is comprised of business professionals from a variety of industries, backgrounds and expertise working together to provide a meaningful impact on Missouri’s marijuana trade. Our board’s experience in other cannabis-legal states, licensing / compliance / operations as well as navigating Missouri’s business landscape, highlights our role as trusted partner to guide state government, regulators and the marijuana industry.


   MoCannTrade Sub-Committees


This committee has nine members reflecting knowledge and expertise pertaining to cultivation approaches, methods, SOPs, GMPs, compliance, challenges and opportunities. This committee is led by the cultivation committee chair and a cultivation focused Government Affairs rep. This committee represents industry, program, regulatory and policy thought, guidance and positions to ensure safe, compliant and successful cultivation operations.

This committee has nine members that include voices and expertise from industry service providers, licensed infused products manufacturers, processors and testing lab facilities. Representing manufacturing and processing approaches, product and food safety compliance, product testing standards and methods, ISOs and testing compliance, this committee works to identify challenges and opportunities for MIPS and testing facilities. This committee is led by a manufacturing/testing lab chair and Government Affairs rep who work to represent industry, program, regulatory and policy guidance with the goal of safe and compliant product processing and testing.

This committee has 11 members including one from each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts. This committee includes knowledge and expertise pertaining to retail operations, safe and secure product access, patient education and advocacy, staff training, SOPs, compliance challenges and opportunities. This committee is led by a chair and Government Affairs rep to ensure industry, program, regulatory, policy and patient safety guidance.

This committee works to understand, create, guide and communicate regulatory and policy matters between association members, all four industry facing committees, the board of directors and any relevant state and local government entities. Comprised of five industry and regulatory specialists, this committee’s primary role is to focus on regulatory matters related to Missouri’s MMJ program implementation as well as specific lobbying efforts to ensure fair, compliant and expedient program roll out and legislative representation where appropriate

Comprising 12 members, this committee focuses on successful education of stakeholders in the community, including patients and physicians. From healthcare systems, physicians, providers and patients, this committee researches & defines best practices with stakeholders to ensure a safe, responsible and successful program implementation. Physician and practitioner education are paramount to the success of Missouri’s MMJ program and this committee works to accomplish education and training via outreach and partnership with health systems, physicians and providers along with providing CME credit seminars, thought leadership and speaking engagements.

Board Role Key:

BOD Board of Directors Member

AB Advisory Board Member

BC Board Chair

CC Committee Chair

Committees Key:

GOV Government Affairs Committee

HET Healthcare Education + Training

CUL Cultivation Committee

MAN Manufacturing + Testing Lab Committee

DIS Dispensary Committee

Dr. Stephanie Cernicek, PhD - BOD, MAN

Dr. Stephanie Cernicek, PhD

Josh Mitchem - CC, BOD, GOV

Josh Mitchem

Anthony David - BOD, MAN

Anthony David

Mike Pearcy - AB, MAN

Mike Pearcy

Peter Seay - AB, MAN

Peter Seay

Boston Dickerson - AB, MAN

Boston Dickerson

Dr. Diana Coats - BOD, MAN

Dr. Diana Coats