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Membership Overview

Missouri Cannabis Trade Association




Even before the full-throttle launch of Missouri’s medical cannabis industry, MoCannTrade was working to make a difference. The association began in early 2018 with just two members: a pair of St. Louis-area nonprofits given state approval in 2014 to cultivate, manufacture and sell CBD extract to epilepsy patients. By February 2020, just 15 months after Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana, membership topped over 400, including more than 70 percent of those holding state licenses. In 2022, Missouri voters again showed their support at the polls, this time for adult use legalization allowing Missouri's 400+ licensed facilities to begin servicing adult use consumers in the state. MoCann now counts over 85% of the license holding industry as trade association members.    


Missouri cannabis facility licensees now hold something of considerable value. And the value of these licenses can be diminished or enhanced through legislative action, regulatory decisions, in the courts, at the ballot, through local planning and zoning actions, or in a variety of other ways. Protecting and enhancing the value of these licenses is paramount to our association, our members and the Missouri industry’s success. As trusted industry stewards, MoCannTrade has a seat at the table with regulators, law enforcement, state and federal lawmakers (federal via NCIA and ATACH affiliations). MoCann fosters positive relationships in the Capitol, state legislature and with program regulators to ensure sensible policy development and regulation of the Missouri cannabis industry.


Our board of directors, advisory board and industry facing committees boast professionals with decades of experience in Missouri and other cannabis-legal states. They are business owners, healthcare professionals, law enforcement veterans, bankers, real estate brokers, lawyers, security, compliance and operations experts.  MoCannTrade provides thought leadership, best practices, connections, business camaraderie via event programming (member meetups & webinars), industry representation and public relations. We also lobby and impact state and local government through the MoCannTrade PAC.


Being a member of MoCannTrade recognizes your investment in our emerging industry, strengthens our unified industry voice and assures your active and valued participation in the successful implementation of Missouri’s cannabis programs. We feature three types of memberships (microbusiness, comprehensive licensed facility as well as non-plant touching, service-provider or ancillary businesses seeking the benefits of a member-based trade association.


Serve as an informational and educational, member-based association. Be the voice of trade for the Missouri medical cannabis industry.


Represent the interests of medical cannabis stakeholders from industry and government to physicians and patients. Collaborate to create a sustainable program on behalf of providers, communities and patients.


Ensure a responsible and successful medical cannabis industry through the creation and protection of sensible laws, regulations and policies.

Member Benefits

  • Industry lobbying in the capital to ensure safe, sensible regulations and successful program implementation
  • Policy and program guidance to DHSS Division of Cannabis Regulation on behalf of our members, licensees and stakeholders
  • Legislative, regulatory, policy and program impact to protect and enhance the value of facility licenses
  • Access to our member’s only business directory, the Yellow Pages of Missouri cannabis 
  • Free access to our highly popular quarterly member meetups hosted in Jefferson City, Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis
  • Member discounts to industry events and conferences when appropriate 
  • Business credibility from association membership
  • Licensed facility regulatory compliance, training and good manufacturing practice resources
  • Members-only content (industry statistics, rule revisions, documentation, business planning, training certifications and educational info)
  • Member business promotion via MoCannTrade web and social channels
  • Participation in our unified Missouri cannabis industry voice, 300+ members strong
  • A board and staff of over 55 distinguished, credible professionals working on your behalf
  • 63 statewide member meetups since November 2018 for over 5,000 attendees
  • Free job board listings for all members 
  • Interactive Missouri Dispensary Locator Map access 
  • Membership and/or collaboration with key business and industry organizations like: Missouri Municipal League, Municipal League of Metro St. Louis, St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Hospital Association, Missouri Bankers Association, Missouri Independent Bankers Association, National Cannabis Industry Association, American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp, Association of Standards Testing and Measurement