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MoCannTrade PAC

Missouri Cannabis Trade Association



In 2018, a record-setting 66% of Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 and in November 2022, Missourians again voted to approve Amendment 3 thereby making us the 21st state in the use to legalize adult use cannabis.. MoCannTrade PAC’s mission is the defense of both sections representing these programs in Article XIV of our constitution.. MoCannTrade PAC is comprised of business owners, leaders and relevant industry voices. Please direct all donation requests or outreach to MoCannTrade PAC representatives.

Over the past 12 months, 5 red states have placed a marijuana legalization measure on the ballot. Missouri is the only state where adult use passed. This is a direct result of having the most unified cannabis industry in the nation. Today our industry is 3 times larger than it was this time last year. To protect these gains, it’s essential that all of us participate in the trade association’s political action committee (PAC). 

Being one of the most highly regulated industries in our state, it’s essential we speak with one voice on important public policy matters. Working together we can continue our tremendous track record of keeping our voter-passed cannabis legalization 100% intact, passing good legislation, defeating harmful legislation that would cripple the industry, and fighting for rules and regulations that are fair to customers and businesses alike. 

Fair, sensible and safe legislative, policy and regulatory development are paramount to our industry’s success in Missouri. Our ability to support candidates and causes and speak with a bold, unified voice for our industry is dependent on contributions to the PAC. Our PAC currently accepts check donations which can be made out to MoCannTrade PAC and mailed to:  MoCannTrade PAC  1015 Grupp Rd. #31674  St. Louis MO, 63131


About Your Contribution to MoCannTrade PAC:

According to Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) rules and Missouri tax code, all PAC contributions are not tax-deductible.  In addition, all contributions are reported to the MEC within the prescribed time and that report will include a listing of the contributor name or business name, address and amount contributed.  MoCannTrade PAC only uses funds contributed to support the candidates and causes that are critical to the Missouri cannabis industry.  Please see the attached MEC doc for more information about your PAC contribution. 


Missouri Industry Stats 

  1. Since adult use marijuana sales started in Missouri on Feb. 3, 2023, Missouri has sold $4 million of legal cannabis per day on average. Over those seven months, total marijuana sales in Missouri reached $834.6 million. 
  2. Sales of adult use and medical cannabis have now surpassed $1.3 billion. 
  3. State Government has already taken in more than $100 million in taxes and fees from the industry, part of which has already gone towards veterans’ health care. 
  4. Missouri has now created 17,500+ direct jobs in the cannabis industry. 
  5. Unlike in other states where local governments have sought to ban adult use marijuana sales, communities across the state are embracing having the economic benefits of Missouri’s newest $1 billion+ industry as part of the local economy. In April, voters in hundreds of cities and counties across Missouri almost universally voted in support of local marijuana taxes on sales in their communities. 
  6. Already, more than 70,000 past, Missouri cannabis offenses have been automatically expunged, with that number expected to rise quickly in the coming months. Part of the 6% sales tax Missourians pay on adult use cannabis sales goes to fund these automatic expungements. 
  7. Missouri warehouses and industrial sites that sat empty for decades are now housing state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. 
  8. Long abandoned retail locations are now filled with dispensary employees that are knowledgeably helping their own neighbors replace opioids with safe, responsible medical marijuana for chronic pain and other ailments. 
  9. Manufacturing jobs and plants that were lost overseas, are now being replaced by infused product manufacturers that are turning Missouri-grown cannabis into edibles, tinctures, vapes and topicals giving patients and customers a variety of cannabis forms at affordable prices.
  10. The economic benefits from the marijuana program in Missouri are helping to backfill manufacturing, agricultural and industrial jobs previously lost in Missouri cities both big and small. 
  11. From St. Louis City, Springfield and the urban core of Kansas City to Carrollton, Waynesville, Chaffee, Vienna, Humansville, Macon, Cuba and more ... the jobs, investments, and revenues being produced as part of this program are rejuvenating local economies.