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    Association says Amendment 2 puts Missourians first see more


    Association says Amendment 2 puts Missourians first


    (St. Louis, Missouri October 23, 2018) — Today, MoCannTrade (The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association) endorsed New Approach Missouri and Yes on 2. Amendment 2 puts healthcare decisions back in the hands of patients and lets voters decide if Missouri should become the 31st state to allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis to patients with debilitating illnesses.

    “Amendment 2 ensures Missouri residents can work with their physician to decide if medical cannabis could be helpful to them. The New Approach initiative has clear rules which put the needs of Missourians first,” said Andrew Mullins, Executive Director of MoCannTrade.

    “MoCannTrade supports all efforts to improve patient access to medical cannabis for Missourians. With this in mind, MoCannTrade is endorsing the efforts of New Approach Missouri and its ‘Medical Marijuana and Veteran Healthcare Services Initiative” says MoCannTrade board co-chair John Curtis.

    With a board of directors comprised of healthcare, regulatory and business professionals, MoCannTrade is one of the most trusted advocate voices on medical cannabis in the state. After reviewing the three initiatives Missouri voters will be faced with November 6th, the trade association endorsed Amendment 2 for being the safest and most compassionate way forward for Missouri patients and doctors who want to pursue medical cannabis as a treatment option for serious illnesses.

    Dr. Mimi Vo, M.D., chair of MoCannTrade’s Healthcare Education & Training Committee and owner of an internal medicine practice in St. Louis, spoke on the endorsement, “My integrative and evidence-based approach to practicing medicine along with my training and knowledge of medical cannabis helps me to understand alternative treatments for my patients. I consider the health, wellness and safety of my patients and community a top priority and I endeavor to bring more education and awareness of medical cannabis to the medical community. I support Amendment 2 because it provides safe access and the ability for me and my physician peers to decide what’s best for our patients.”

    Dr. David Yablonsky, D.O., a board-certified internist and MoCannTrade board member who participates in Illinois’ medical cannabis program added, “As a doctor, I have been participating in Illinois’ medical cannabis program since its inception and have worked with many patients to get them the care they need. I am excited to be part of MoCannTrade’s Healthcare committee working to inform and educate practitioners on the anecdotal and evidential success of medical cannabis, especially as an alternative to opioids. We know there is a lack of information and fear amongst parts of the medical community. We are actively working to better inform practitioners and support Amendment 2 as it provides safe access to medical cannabis and lets state licensed physicians decide what’s best for Missouri patients.”

    Dr. Patricia Hurford, M.D., M.S., a board-certified rehabilitation and pain management specialist in Missouri added “As a patient-first proposal, Amendment 2 spells out best practices ensuring patients suffering from debilitating conditions can work with physicians they trust to get safe and compassionate access to medical cannabis. As a pain specialist who knows opioid medications can have serious health consequences, Amendment 2 gives Missourians a real option in reducing opioid consumption.”


    New Approach Missouri is a coalition of medical professionals, patients and advocates working to pass Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana in Missouri for patients with serious illness or medical conditions. To learn more about New Approach Missouri or to get involved, Missourians can visit

    MoCannTrade is an association of business owners, professionals, practitioners & patients proactively working together to build a successful, safe, compliant medical cannabis industry. By joining our collective knowledge and experience with the best practices and expertise of other cannabis-legal states, we’ll safeguard stakeholders and streamline industry participation. To learn more about membership, visit

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     October 23, 2018