Post-Vote, MoCannTrade Addresses Industry Next Steps

(St. Louis, Missouri; November 7, 2018) — Today, the day after Missourians voted to legalize medical marijuana, MoCannTrade (Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association) revealed their plans to advance the state’s safe and fair medical cannabis trade.   Most immediately, the trade association will hold a series of open business and trade meetings throughout the state to educate, inform and connect industry participants.

“We congratulate and thank our peers at New Approach Missouri for delivering a compassionate piece of legislation that is pro patient, pro doctor and pro business,” said John Curtis, MoCannTrade Executive Board Co-Chair. “Now that voters have clearly said Yes on Two — have cleanly chosen the policy piece — MoCannTrade takes the reins to ensure successful program implementation.  We have been planning for this moment for nearly a year and are ready to guide licensees, service providers, practitioners, regulators and the Department of Health and Senior Services.” Curtis said.

MoCannTrade is non-profit, membership-based association, and is directed by a board of diverse professionals experienced in medical marijuana, healthcare, law, pharmaceutical, science, agriculture, law enforcement, security, commercial real estate, finance, public affairs and regulatory sectors.  “The association’s role is to ensure a compliant, safe and successful medical cannabis program and we are ready to lead” said Andrew Mullins, MoCannTrade Executive Director.

“MoCannTrade is leading program implementation by leveraging the expertise of its board sub-committees including a healthcare education piece for physicians, a regulatory and compliance piece for the governing body and a series of trade meetings for industry participants,” Mullins announced.  The series, called Leadership Council Meet-Ups, are organized and hosted by MoCannTrade board members, and designed for networking, knowledge sharing and industry participation planning.  “These business and trade focused meetings are important to support the critical implementation phase which includes 60 cultivation, 86 extraction and 192 dispensary licenses, and is predicted to generate overall economic impact upwards of $1 billion dollars annually for Missouri.”  Mullins said.


Leadership Council Meet-Up Schedule:

St. Louis – Tuesday, November 27, 5-6:30 pm

Kansas City – Tuesday, December 4, 6-8pm

Springfield – Wednesday, December 5, 6-8pm

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