Medical Cannabis: A Practical Primer For Physicians (UMKC)

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Medical Cannabis:  A Practical Primer for Healthcare Professionals

Understanding Amendment 2 and the Practitioners’ Role to Certify Patients

Though we have hosted the Medical Cannabis: A Practical Primer for Physicians at numerous hospital and public venue locations, our recent presentation at UMKC was our first medical school audience.  Thanks to UMKC for not only hosting us, but also capturing the presentation so we can re-broadcast it here for all Missouri physicians and practitioners.  We hope to have our CME accreditation and credits set up soon, in the meantime enjoy this great, 45 min primer on Missouri medical cannabis, certifying conditions, physician protections and patient certification process.

Presentation Objectives:
• Describe Amendment 2, Missouri’s laws and the practitioners’ role in the patient certification process.
• Describe the Endocannabinoid System.
• Identify qualifying conditions and research available on the use of Medical Cannabis for these disorders.

Professional Practice Gap
With Medical Cannabis now legal in 32 States, practitioners need to understand the endocannabinoid system, using cannabis as a medicine, and the research available for its use in qualifying conditions. In Missouri, Amendment 2 became law effective December 6, 2018, and state officials are working hard to implement it within the timeline set out in the amendment. There is a general lack of knowledge and understanding of the patient certification process as well as the benefits of medical cannabis. MoCannTrade, a trade association formed in 2018 with members across the state, is helping to fill the gaps.

MoCannTrade’s Healthcare Education and Training committee has created a medical cannabis industry primer for doctors and practitioners providing broad overview of cannabis as medicine as well as physician responsibilities and legal protections provided by Amendment 2 / Article XIV. This presentation is led by physicians for the medical community and public along with a robust question and answer session to ensure we inform, educate and provide appropriate context for industry participation whether practitioner or patient, certifying or not.

Dr. Mimi Vo MD:  Vo Medical Clinics | Mercy Health Systems | MoCannTrade Board Member
Dr. Trish Hurford MD, MS:  S.O.A.R. Medical Clinic | MoCannTrade Board Member




MoCannTrade is an association of business owners, professionals, practitioners and patients proactively working together to build a successful, safe, compliant medical cannabis industry in Missouri.