State of the Cannabis Industry 2020: A Community Q&A

11 Aug 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm MDT

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This week’s special-edition panel will offer a first-hand take on top takeaways and surprise revelations from Flowhub, LeafLink, and Vangst’s recently released State of the Cannabis Industry 2020 report. Experts from each company will dive deep into the findings of a study that was months in the making, built on data collected from thousands of people, companies, and brands impacted by the aftermath of COVID-19 in America.

In addition to insights straight from the sources behind this report, our hour-long interactive panel will feature an extended 30-minute Q&A session designed to address our community’s most burning questions and commentary regarding the findings of this brand new report.

Amber Erickson - Content Marketing Manager, Flowhub
Michael Hanson, Director of Data Science - Flowhub
Becca Schwartz - Director of Brand Marketing, LeafLink
Alex Feldman - GM of LeafLink Insights, LeafLink
Karson Humiston - CEO, Vangst
Liz Moore - Director of Marketing, Vangst

11 Aug 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm MDT

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