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Software and Technology Providers

Finding the right software & technology partners can help your business become more efficient and profitable. We understand a licensed facility's software stack may at times be upwards of 5-10 providers. MoCannTrade has tried to simplify the myriad choices of our member software organizations in an organized and convenient format so our member licensees can evaluate, connect with and implement the most appropriate technology providers based on their needs:





Brytemap Scout, Brytemap GreenR & BrytePay are next generation platforms built with cultivators, & dispensaries in mind. Staying compliant and helping you Grow Success are Brytemap’s number one priority.


Bryan Lopez


(410) 457-7041


Solutions tailored for every step in the cannabis supply chain. Grow your business through our software’s data-focused approach, and measure your performance through our robust reporting features.

Reduce transaction times and improve your dispensary’s efficiency and profitability with our easy-to-use touch screen point of sale.

Complete end-to-end, accounting to manage your operation’s finances. Record and view transactions from purchasing to inventory, and from sales to receivables.


Lilly Raney

(530) 417-3947

Account Executive



MJ Freeway

Built by technologists who focus specifically on tech for cannabis, MJ Freeway's 2nd generation software, MJ Platform includes inventory control and grow management applications to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

Multiple integrations and a complete suite of professional consulting services are also available to round out a customized solution to fit individual business needs.


Colin Caughron

Senior Account Executive

(888) 932-6537



Marketing, Ordering & Point-of-Sale Solutions



We believe in the power of cannabis and we’ve seen the benefits that countless people, of all ages, have experienced. At dutchie, we’re driven by our mission to use technology to provide easy access to cannabis for everyone.

We partner with dispensaries to provide software tools that enable cannabis e-commerce for pickup or delivery.


Jon Bond

(866) 838-8244

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Cova is an award-winning dispensary POS with an intuitive design and robust tech platform, making it the most reliable cannabis POS system on the market.

Cova helps dispensaries simplify compliance, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue through automated compliance tools, touchscreen menus, an express checkout app, and mobile reporting dashboards. 


Anne Forkutza

(303) 210-5988

VP of Strategic Programs

Jane Technologies

Turn your dispensary into an online store Jane has everything you need to begin selling online. Let our technology do the heavy lifting and watch your browsers convert into buyers. In-store, curbside, or delivery.

Meet your customers wherever they are. Jane has all the tools you need for your customers to place orders for pickup in-store and curbside, as well as delivery. 


Brian Geddes

VP of Sales




Native is the only platform in the market that uses end-to-end data and artificial intelligence to optimize your products and supply chain.

We've combined all of the applications you need to engage and understand consumers, predict market trends, and create products with better outcomes. Invest in results you and your consumers can see through personalization, traceability, and profits.


Frank Pica

Co-founder & CEO

(646) 856-1342


springbig is no newcomer to loyalty marketing, our founders have over 20 years of experience in creating loyalty rewards programs for retail businesses.

After years of experience in big-box retail, our founders saw tremendous opportunity in the underserved cannabis industry and decided to bring advanced loyalty programs, an essential marketing tool in such a competitive industry, to cannabis dispensaries and brands.


Emily Tuttle

Business Development Manager, Emerging Markets

(508) 344-7734


Our signature consumer-facing platform provides consumers with information regarding cannabis products. 

Including online ordering, local retailer and brand listings, product discovery, and consumer education on cannabis and its history, uses, and legal status. 

Weedmaps’ product suite includes point of salelogisticswholesale, and ordering solutions that enable clients to scale their businesses while complying with the complex and disparate regulations applicable to the cannabis industry.


Jacqueline Gonzalez-Becerra

Group Manager, Marketing Programs

(949) 870-1400


Marketplace & Productivity




FloEnvy is the premier software for cannabis cultivation. By streamlining production tracking, FloEnvy's mobile and web systems capture each decision on the ground from logging cultivation variables to managing labor efficiency.

Easily assign tasks among team members tailored to your operation, while utilizing FloEnvy's custom mobile devices for scheduling, time clock, and precise cycle management.

Data generated on FloEnvy's platform powers reproducible results that deliver cost savings and efficiency through your entire operation.


Mike Steinmann

(314) 323-0120


An ordering, fulfillment, and payment platform to manage, market, and cultivate the growth of your business. Improve your operations and boost your ROI.

Enhance your inventory management, streamline order and fulfillment processes, enforce timely payments and brand your storefront experience to keep customers coming back.


Zack Fowler

Client Development

(773) 888-3691

Insights, Analytics & Compliance



BDSA, formerly known as BDS Analytics, is a center of knowledge and market research with expertise in the current legal cannabis market, where it’s been, and where it's headed.

We collect, process, and present point of sale market share and consumer survey data for businesses in or impacted by the cannabis industry.

BDSA can show you what is selling, who is buying, how the industry is performing, and what it means to your business with the hard data needed to support business decisions.


Christopher Carroll

Senior Account Executive

(720) 465-9692


Simplifya is the cannabis industry's leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform; our suite of products take the guesswork out of the confusing and continually changing regulations.

The straightforward Self Audit checklists give you the power to identify, track and mitigate potential issues before it's too late. Operators can save valuable time using our ready-to-go cannabis SOP templates, customized for each license type, and tied directly to the state regulations.


Amy Larson

VP, Marketing

(855) 954-7692